Our programs

Our programs

Life force in a healthy body keeps all part of  it in an admirable, harmonic, vital movement. The vitalizing treatments help us to maintain  or regain our life force. Balance: The spa massage, relaxation massage, manager massage creates an ideal milieu in order to obtain  a bodily and mental balance, it helps to create an inner peace, which we need so much in this running world. It is recommended after a long journey, or after an exhausting day as a recreation. Beauty:  body erasement, facial treatment, body winding and the deep warm therapy helps the skin to be cleared and pampered. The treatments affects not only facial , since living in a beautiful body makes people enjoy themselves in their body as well, and this correlation is advantageous in bodily and mental aspects.  Harmony:  Treatments enriched with massages, such as  body erasement, hand and feet treatment, facial treatment utilize the the healing power of touching, help in relaxation and create harmony.

  • Relaxation “Swedish” massage ( for  both women and man)
  • Manager massage  (for both men and women)
  • Tufa massage(for both women and man)
  • Lingam massage (for men)
  • yoni massage (for women)
  • skin young
  • making facial treatment for both woman and man
  • intense  body eraser for both woman and man
  • chocolate skin softening treatment for women
  • aromatherapic slim
  • making stripping for women
  • cellulite treatment fat disassimilation Vibratrainer for women
  • sport massage for both women and man
  • medicinal massage for both woman and man, medical evidence is needed)

Our guests satisfaction is the most important for us , therefore in case of  special claims  please  come upon our receptionist  colleague! ( for example, four-handed,runner  massage)

Program lenghts   

  • 45 minutes intense massage
  • 1 hour massage
  • 1.5 hour massage

Our massage programs can be combined adjusting to your needs. Prices added to the description of programs are referential, they can change by combining the massages.  The 45 Minutes programme is non-recurrent, the 1 and 1.5  hour programme contains two bath possibilities.  For certain programs’ success for example cellulite treatment you need more than one occasion.

Our prices:   

  • 45 minutes intense massage 11.000 Ft
  • 1hour massage 16000 Ft
  • 1.5hour massage 20000 Ft

Contraindication of treatments, massages   
It is forbidden to resort any kind of treatments and massages:

  • under alcoholic influence,
  • in case of being a fever- patient,
  • in case of indication of acute combustion,
  • arthritis( tympany, compressive ache, erythema)  in case of bone-,
  • joint-, muscle bruises,
  • hitches,
  • dislocations  in case of erysipelas(fungus),
  • dermatitis,
  • pruritus in case of deep vein thrombosis,
  • in case of combustion of veins,
  • varicose vein
  • in case of enhanced haemophilia  leukaemia,
  • scorbut,
  • haemophilia
  • in the first 2 days of menstruation,
  • under pregnancy on the on the corpus,
  • in case of TBC,
  • in the last stadium of malignant tumors
  • in case of psychiatric illnesses such as epilepsy,
  • schizophrenia

In case of medical issues you always need to ask  your doctors advice!